Ultrasonic Drill Selection


Our LUD-200LLC ultrasonic drill.

This all-new model is fully self-tuning which means once you have properly attached the tool, you turn it on and adjust the power for the material you are machining.

This ultrasonic drill is designed to drill .5mm-4.0mm holes, engrave (with a solid die) up to 8mm, and cut hard brittle materials by use of ultrasonic energy.  It is effective in precious stone, semi-precious stone, ferrite, silicon, glass, and ceramics.  This is completed by the solid-state transducer transforming A/C current into mechanical vibration of about 20 KHz per second.  The abrasive of 220 graded silicon carbide grit is fed onto the tool and work piece to receive the impacts from the tool and grind the work piece to form a hole of the same shape as the tool.

The cutting is fast and clean.  This usually outperforms all diamond drilling tools.  In addition, best of all the usage items are far less costly.  For example, a diamond-plated drill usually costs from $.75 to $2.00 each and will last form 1/2 hole to 2-3 holes max.  The drill tube for the ultrasonic costs from $.06 to $.10 each and lasts for 10-20 holes in agate and 50-100 holes in glass.  For example, a 1.0mm hole in an agate slab of 4.0mm thick will take about 60 seconds.  In glass, it is about 15 seconds.

I have been the international factory representative for this manufacturer for over 20 years and they have been producing quality lapidary equipment for over three decades.  These are not "hobby" machines but full-fledged production equipment.  They have been sold all over the world to production shops.


Price: $1999

Shipping Weight: approx. 20 Kg ( 44 lbs)

Size 14"D X 12" W plus grit tray and recirculating system

Power: 120V and 220V AC . 50/60 Hz

Frequency: 20 KHz.

For drop ship to most countries the is the SAME !!!

To order or ask questions - Contact:

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email: sales@covington-engineering.com

This machine comes with 5 horns, propane torch, flux, silver solder, tools, spare fuses, approx. 2Kg of 220 graded silicon carbide grit, a simple drip set-up ( but a full recirculating pump is recommended).  In addition you will receive 10 meters ( 25 tubes per meter) of the sizes  of your choice.  The tubes come in .5mm, .8mm, 1.0mm, 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm, 3.5mm, 4.0mm, and 5.0mm.  Additional quantities of tube are available for purchase.  The tube costs rang from $1.50 per meter to $5.50 per meter.  Additional horns are $25.00 each.

This new option allows a vertical movement of about 1" ( 28mm) for controlled drilling into the workpiece. This tight sliding vertical movement allows you to mount your material in a fixture to get controlled drilling for beads and other products. Expecially useful when there is a need to drill from both sides. This opton can be ordered with the machine or can be added to existing lud-200 machines. The option consists of the slide assembly, and new extended mast. The same transducer shield is used but a new hole must be drilled for the eye for the arm to be installed.

Price: $199.00 usd ( d/p option only) price of complete lud-200llc and dp option $2199.00 usd weightof d/p opton only 6 lbs ( 2.5kg) cutting edge solutions pmb 520 E Franklin Road, Meridian Idaho 83642 ph: (208) 609 6636,  email: sales@covington-engineering.com

Bead Vise For Ultrasonic Drill For 2017

This hand vise is dual clamping and has a 180 degree rotation handle while clamped. Great for drilling beads from both sides. Also good for general clamping of materials being drilled. It comes with a box full of various shaped pads for using in the jaws of the vise. Stainless steel parts and a clamp for holding it in the tray of the drill. Also adjustable vertically and horizontally. Really good for making multiple holes in similar material. This is the ideal addition to the LUD-200 LLC with the drill press option.

Price: $195

Weight: Approx. 5 Lbs.

Cutting Edge Solutions 520 E Franklin Road, Meridian Idaho 83642

Ph: (208) 609 6636 Fax: 818-992-3488


NEW FOR 2017


This all new 400 watt machine is designed for cameo forming in stones and other hard brittle materials.
For performing this task it requires a stainless steel die silver soldered onto the horn. It also requires a steady stream of grit and water. Or the constant feeding of grit and water to grinding surface. Of course it will still do the normal drilling of stones with the small horn. This Machine is also auto tuning.

This machine comes this 5 large horns, tools, and the stainless steel spring loaded tray to hold the material under the horn. The transducer head is free floating when in the forming mode and can be reattached to the springs for the drill press mode. Thus you have both modes available. For silver soldering on the dies you will need a oxy/acey torch as the horn is very large mass heat up. It also includes approx. 5 lbs of 220 graded silicon carbide grit.

Videos of this machine in action can be found at:
https://youtu.be/QRLOhX09wv4A, A and at: https://youtu.be/oKynpe2Ck1QA,A

Price is $2995
Weight: approx 46lbs
110v/220v 50/60 hz

Cutting Edge Solutions
520 E Franklin Road
Meridian Idaho 83642
Ph: (208) 609 6636
Fax: 818-992-3488
email: sales@covington-engineering.com

The 400LLC is basically the same as the 400B

  1. It is self Tuning Frequency.
  2. It has a red & green light. If the output power is overloaded the red light goes ON. Decrease the power to get the green light ON.

400LLC's machine operation.

  1. Firstly, turning the frequency knob and power output to bottom left side.
  2. Power ON. adjusting the frequency knob from left to right slowly until the green light up. The brightness of green light will change the output power. The greater the power, the greater the brightness.
  3. Please step on the foot switch on/off repeatedly. If the green light is on, it means the setting is complete.
  4. Only need to adjust the output knob during processing. If you need more output power, please adjust the frequency knob slightly.

If the green light goes out, please readjust from No. 1~4

Normal frequency output range 20.2k~18.1K.
What reason make the green light go out.

  1. The horn is not screwed tightly.
  2. The vibration frequency of the horn exceeds the range of the machine frequency.