The Instruction Manual


This equipment is designed to perform drilling, engraving and cutting of hard and brittle materials by use of ultrasonic energy. Precious stone, semi-precious stone, tungsten carbide, ferrite, silicon, glass, ceramics can be machined with this equipment. The ultrasonic generator is of transistor type and generate alternating-current of ultrasonic frequency as the source of vibration energy.
This ultrasonic energy is applied to the vibrator called "transducer" mounted on the machining unit, where
alternating current is converted into mechanical vibration of about 20KHZ per second. The abrasive which are fed onto the tool and work piece receive Impacts from the tool and destroy the work piece by crushing so that a hole of the same shape as the tool is formed on the work piece.

Cutting Edge Solutions


  • 1 Before power on, screw on the horn on the cone tightly ..
  • 2 Set Output Knob at minimum position ( bottom left ) . This model: 200LLC large output pOwer type. So instantaneous large output will cause stainless steel needle fracture.
  • 3 Use sta1nless steel needles 3mm0 below, recommended control current OA Amp . ( Please refer ammeter )
  • 4 Use stainless steel needles 5mm0 above, may modest increase the current up to 0.5Amp.
  • 5 Adjusting the properly output knob during processing within 0.5Amp.
  • 6 If you feel when machining process is too slow, check sand and water to see whether it go down smooth. Instead of forcing the work-piece against the needle (tool). It will cause over load and pull up the current.
  • 7 The normal frequency is between 18.9KHZNlg.9KHZ. When switch on machine, you find out the frequency, outside this range, please stop using then check it immediately
  • a. Make sure the Stainless steel tube well-welded on horn.
  • b. Stainless steel tube is too long (standard 39mm long or less).
  • c. Screw on the horn on the cone tightly.


This all new 400 watt machine is designed for cameo forming in stones and other hard brittle materials.
For performing this task it requires a stainless steel die silver soldered onto the horn. It also requires a steady stream of grit and water. Or the constant feeding of grit and water to the grinding surface. Of course it will stiII do the normal drilling of stones with the small horn. This machine is not auto tuning due to the vast a1ray of sizes of bits and horns required.