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Bill Ritter founded Cutting Edge Solutions in 1997. He previously founded Contempo Lapidary Equipment Mfg. in 1983. This company consisted of three main manufacturers of lapidary equipment-Highland Park Equipment Manufacturing Inc, Beacon Star, and Frantom. During this time, he improved the existing products and developed several new products. He sold Contempo Lapidary in 1997.

With a wide spread knowledge of the Lapidary business and friends with almost all USA manufacturers of lapidary equipment he is positioned to help anyone interested in purchasing equipment to meet their needs. In this regard he represents Covington Engineering, Diamond Pacific and Graves Company. In 1985 he formed a relationship with an overseas manufacturer of Ultrasonic Drills and has represented them in all of North America and South America and many countries across the world. This deep relationship gives him the ability to service and supply the needs of the Ultrasonic drill users.

This would not have happened without the strong support of the manufacturer. Although the machines are of the highest quality they are still electronic with electrical components. Electrical components can occasionally fail early in the life of the machine. The quick service I provide on these rare occasions is very important to my customers. Machines and parts are kept in stock for the Ultrasonic machines for quick service.

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